Twin Vew Development Clementi Mall Singapore

Twin Vew development of condominiums is one of the oldest leasehold, 99 years to be exact; situated at the West Coast Vale area and just a walk away from Jurong East. Nine bidders in total were after this enormous development project, just shows how the Twin Vew condominium/apartment is carefully climbing up the business venture world: China Construction Development; the proclaimed winners of this bid, offered a hefty $292 million dollars for its development rights of its plot of land; The company that came very close to China Construction Development was MCC Land, rendering an offer of $289.9 million dollars.

Twin Vew Development Clementi Mall Singapore

Though analysts predicted a lower vid price from China Construction Development, business experts were still very confident with the investment, as they are positive about Singapore’s huge business market. The Twin Vew condominium/apartment is very convenient for it has a location that makes it easy to access the nearest schools and train stations — This includes the Clementi EW23, Jurong East, Nan Hua Primary School, Qifa Primary School and etc.

Amenities like the Clementi Mall and Teban Garden are also minutes away from the Twin Vew condominium/apartment. Twin Vew has created a justified hype from businessmen or investors who seeks to rent around the area.

Twin Vew Condo China Construction Development

There are many leverage, benefits and advantages if you choose Twin Vew West Coast Vale. If you seek to justify all the claims that’s glorifying Twin Vew condominium/apartment; then here is a few out of so many privileges if you choose Twin Vew apartment/condominium.

-Convenience, the location of Twin Vew is what makes it very convenient to find transportation to some popular destinations around.
-Entertainment, if you’re fond of having a leisure time at entertainments like a sports bar, then Twin Vew isn’t going to fail you, because there are lot of leisure places nearby.

Twin Vew West Coast Vale

Health-wise, if you dream of being near to hospitals due to some emergency cases, then Twin Vew is the wiser choice, its locations will just make it very convenient for people to be near from health centres and hospitals.

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