Nim Collection 99 Years Leasehold Landed Property

Nim collection is a ninety nine years old development situated at Ang Mo Kio. It is situated at District 28 close to several shopping areas like the Seletar Mall. Nim collection is going to be accessible by buses and also car transport. For the car owners it will take not more than thirty minutes’ drive to the business center. The development previously sat on an agricultural land having a nine hundred and ninety nine years lease. Nim Collection will be located in Nim Rise.

Nim Collection 99 Years Leasehold Landed Property

Greenwich V is a well-known shopping center situated at the Seletar mall. This shopping center serves as one-stop retail for the residents. This shopping center offers several discounts like the anticipated Christmas & New Year. There is sufficient parking area at the Greenwich V therefore it is an ideal spot to hang out with the family & friends during weekends.

Nim Collection Singapore

This is an industrial park that is situated in the Seletar Hill which features one hundred and forty hectares land which is close to the Seletar airport. This park is also an enclave of dining spots. This is in the government’s plans of strengthening the already existing Seletar Airport to complement the park. A very unique and luxurious lifestyle awaits you at the Nim Collection Ang Mo Kio.

Nim Collection Bukit Sembawang Estates

The polytechnic is situated close to the Nim Collection landed property and is a famous learning institution for students who would wish to enrol in the industry-oriented skills after secondary education. The institution kicked off its classes in the school of health sciences and also business management. Nowadays the institution has already expanded into other several schools like social sciences & engineering. Currently it is situated close to an MRT station that occupies three hundred and five thousand square meters of land. This is a very fit place that waits you and you should therefore ensure not to miss it.

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