Nim Collection 99 Years Leasehold Landed Property

Nim collection is a ninety nine years old development situated at Ang Mo Kio. It is situated at District 28 close to several shopping areas like the Seletar Mall. Nim collection is going to be accessible by buses and also car transport. For the car owners it will take not more than thirty minutes’ drive to the business center. The development previously sat on an agricultural land having a nine hundred and ninety nine years lease. Nim Collection will be located in Nim Rise.

Nim Collection 99 Years Leasehold Landed Property

Greenwich V is a well-known shopping center situated at the Seletar mall. This shopping center serves as one-stop retail for the residents. This shopping center offers several discounts like the anticipated Christmas & New Year. There is sufficient parking area at the Greenwich V therefore it is an ideal spot to hang out with the family & friends during weekends.

Nim Collection Singapore

This is an industrial park that is situated in the Seletar Hill which features one hundred and forty hectares land which is close to the Seletar airport. This park is also an enclave of dining spots. This is in the government’s plans of strengthening the already existing Seletar Airport to complement the park. A very unique and luxurious lifestyle awaits you at the Nim Collection Ang Mo Kio.

Nim Collection Bukit Sembawang Estates

The polytechnic is situated close to the Nim Collection landed property and is a famous learning institution for students who would wish to enrol in the industry-oriented skills after secondary education. The institution kicked off its classes in the school of health sciences and also business management. Nowadays the institution has already expanded into other several schools like social sciences & engineering. Currently it is situated close to an MRT station that occupies three hundred and five thousand square meters of land. This is a very fit place that waits you and you should therefore ensure not to miss it.

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Twin Vew Development Clementi Mall Singapore

Twin Vew development of condominiums is one of the oldest leasehold, 99 years to be exact; situated at the West Coast Vale area and just a walk away from Jurong East. Nine bidders in total were after this enormous development project, just shows how the Twin Vew condominium/apartment is carefully climbing up the business venture world: China Construction Development; the proclaimed winners of this bid, offered a hefty $292 million dollars for its development rights of its plot of land; The company that came very close to China Construction Development was MCC Land, rendering an offer of $289.9 million dollars.

Twin Vew Development Clementi Mall Singapore

Though analysts predicted a lower vid price from China Construction Development, business experts were still very confident with the investment, as they are positive about Singapore’s huge business market. The Twin Vew condominium/apartment is very convenient for it has a location that makes it easy to access the nearest schools and train stations — This includes the Clementi EW23, Jurong East, Nan Hua Primary School, Qifa Primary School and etc.

Amenities like the Clementi Mall and Teban Garden are also minutes away from the Twin Vew condominium/apartment. Twin Vew has created a justified hype from businessmen or investors who seeks to rent around the area.

Twin Vew Condo China Construction Development

There are many leverage, benefits and advantages if you choose Twin Vew West Coast Vale. If you seek to justify all the claims that’s glorifying Twin Vew condominium/apartment; then here is a few out of so many privileges if you choose Twin Vew apartment/condominium.

-Convenience, the location of Twin Vew is what makes it very convenient to find transportation to some popular destinations around.
-Entertainment, if you’re fond of having a leisure time at entertainments like a sports bar, then Twin Vew isn’t going to fail you, because there are lot of leisure places nearby.

Twin Vew West Coast Vale

Health-wise, if you dream of being near to hospitals due to some emergency cases, then Twin Vew is the wiser choice, its locations will just make it very convenient for people to be near from health centres and hospitals.

Amber 45 UOL Freehold Condo Singapore

There are various considerations for home owners when making a purchase. Some of these are: (1) accessibility to schools, markets and malls (2) potential for appreciation of the property’s value, (3) type of community and (4) number of units.

Amber 45 UOL Freehold Condo Singapore

If you are considering making a purchase that meets the above-mentioned criteria, you might want to look at the Amber 45 condominium project. Amber 45 is in Marine Parade and is a development project of UOL Group Limited – this developer has been in existence since 1963 and is credible for projects that give value to its unit owners. The property is expected to house around 190 units and have a floor area of over 145,000 square feet.

Amber 45 Nan Nee Chen Nursery

The property offers its residents a resort-like home that houses a swimming pool, gym, tennis court and barbeque area. With offerings of units with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, it is fit for bachelors and large families alike. It also provides you a great view of either the East Coast Road or the Marine Parade Road. The property is also freehold – this means that the developers own it indefinitely as opposed to having a fixed-term hold on it. Moreover, Amber 45 provides its residents with the comfort of a peaceful and quiet residential community while not compromising access to commercial centers.

45 Amber Road Parkway Parade Shopping Centre

Marine Parade houses over 10 primary and secondary schools in addition to various shopping centers and malls. Property value is also expected to appreciate in this location, especially as the Tanjong Katong MRT station is set to open in 2023. This station will be an addition to the Thomas-East Coast Line and is expected to make transportation easier for people living in the residential communities in Marine Parade. This makes Amber 45 both a great living quarter and a future investment. Don’t miss out on this chance at resort living. Inquire about the property now.